Home-Lee is owned by Anna and Patrick Shone, who live in Nelson with their three daughters, Holly, Ashlee (twins) and Georgia. Having both grown up in Nelson, Pat and Anna are deeply connected with the community with Pat playing representative Volleyball and Anna supporting local groups that aid the community. Of course, Home-Lee also loves to work with local and NZ businesses wherever possible too.


Back in 2005, Anna launched what was then called Charislee, where she sewed garments and homewares in her garage. She would then go on to sell them at local markets, often with her then infant daughters in tow. As the brand quickly came into its own, Charislee became Home-Lee and in 2015, the garage was officially too small. They discovered a beautiful, family-run factory in China to work with and Anna continues to visit with them every year. They now produce all four of the seasonal collections along with the monthly injection ranges.


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The Weekender Jeans by Home Lee - Snow Wash