Fate + Becker

FATE+BECKER is an elegant, refined and uniquely Australian interpretation of fashion. Managed in Melbourne by the SASS Clothing Group, FATE+BECKER has grown dramatically since it’s launch in 2004 as FATE where it then evolved in 2017 to FATE+BECKER.

The brand was initially started as the creative vision of Talitha Becker, who needed a brand that would reflect her evolution as a woman, FATE+BECKER is that brand. It is edgy, innovative and extremely successful.

FATE+BECKER is designer womenswear without the price tag, and our ethos is to give women more for their investment, by providing design conscious and quality products that compete with designer fashion.

Most recently FATE+BECKER has grown it’s design team, welcoming a diverse range of experiences within both high and fast paced fashion – this evolution has allowed us to move from a buying strategy to a progressive development approach, where we develop unique styles based on international trends, whilst presenting a unique product that no one else will have.

This includes the development of our own textiles and styles tailored to the FATE+BECKER woman.

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