Save Our Retailers! Shop Local With Some Of Our Fave Small Businesses

Lauren King

Posted on April 28 2020

Save Our Retailers! Shop Local With Some Of Our Fave Small Businesses



Well, hello there level three! We've been waiting for you to come along and make iso life just that little bit more bearable! It's a busy week here at French Kiss as we package up and ship out orders, not to mention all of the new stock that's arriving this week. 

It's no secret that small businesses across New Zealand are struggling right now and need your help. "But how can I help?!" Well I'm glad you asked, because it's super simple - just shop local, rather than ordering from overseas businesses. 

It can be hard to change your buying habits and when you spend money online, you want to know that you're going to be getting something amazing for your money, and we tend to that by relying on recommendations from people that have shopped there before. So with that in mind, I've compiled a list of some of my fave NZ businesses, and can confirm, their products are amazing!

For your face and body


Sky Candle and Body Care - NZ Small Business Skye Candle and Body Care - Kash Harvey is a woman on a mission - to make natural skincare accessible to everyone. Based in Porirua, Wellington, she produces small batches of some of the most amazing skincare I've ever tried. From face to body, she has you covered, looking and smelling beautiful! She also makes soy melts and candles for the home - a definite must-look for Mother's Day gifts, or if you need an iso pamper day for yourself! 



  Little Mango - A while back, I made the decision to cut down on the amount of products I put on my body that contain ingredients that I have to ring my Mum to learn how to pronounce. She's a chemist so she knows all the words. This meant switching to a natural deodorant and finding one that works - and I found just that in Little Mango!  Obviously not all of these long-fangled-named ingredients are bad - water in it's chemical name sounds like something you'd use to kill off weeds - but given some of the thoughts on using aluminium that close to your lymph nodes, I figured that if I can find something natural that works, it's got to be a good thing. Love this stuff. Rose Geranium is my fave.




Pineapple Point Soapery - NZ Small Business Pineapple Point Soapery - As well as wanting to cut down on the amount of things I can't pronounce, I wanted to reduce the amount of plastic our household was turning out into the landfills - you'll start to see a theme around this haha. One of the first products to go was body wash in plastic bottles. We quickly made the switch to bar soap from Pineapple Point. Once it's finished, there's literally nothing left. My absolute faves are Tiare Flower and the Coffee Scrub for exfoliating. The kids each have their own too as does my Pet Husband - his smells super blokey too! Like super expensive aftershave. 




Raw Nature NZ - NZ Small Business Raw Nature - Again with the lack of plastics and long-fangled ingredients purge, Raw Nature's solid body and lip butters are some of my faves. They're super hydrating and being a solid, you use less of it so it lasts longer. The cardboard tubes are then fully recyclable in your household recycling. 




Missy Cups NZ - NZ Small Business Missy Cups - If you've been considering making the switch to a menstrual cup then this is probably the perfect time, when you're actually forced to be at home. When I decided to make the switch, most of the cups I saw were hella pricey. Yeah I know, I know, you save heaps and they pay for themselves etc but my brain seems to have loss aversion down pat and I just wasn't willing to part with $50-$60, for something that was a completely new concept to my hoo-ha. Enter Missy Cups at only $25 and I was on it like a rat up a drainpipe. Have not bought tampons since. 10/10 recommend to friends and family. 




Hippie Stick NZ - NZ Small Business Hippie Sticks - The first thing about this little business that caught my attention, was their packaging concept. It's plantable. And I don't just mean compostable, I mean it has a flower seed right in the packaging so that when you're finished with it, you plant the whole tube in a pot, or your garden and the tube breaks down and a flower grows. Flowers attract bees, we need bees... Ya know the drill. So the whole lifecycle of one lipstick tube is for it to not only disappear rather than sitting in a landfill, it's giving back to the environment! I wear Strawberry Patch almost daily and Nectar when I'm going a bit glam. Or I mix the two together for something in-between. As you can see from the image these get a lot of use! 


For your home

 Chickpea Designs NZ - NZ Small Business Chickpea Designs  - I stumbled across this little gem on IG one day and had to give it a try. And I'm so glad I did - I have a bit of a "thing" about smells. The house has to smell nice and so I started buying their room sprays, soy melts and candles. I'll let you in on a little secret: the room sprays smell so good I use them as a perfume on myself! Which is all good because the ingredients are fine for your skin. 



Aroma Addiction - NZ Small Business Aroma Addiction  - Again with the obsession will smells, the name of this business spoke to my inner soul. They have soooo many scents to choose from too - something for everyone, plus melt warmers plus their bulk, buy 5, get 2 free deal means that they work out to about $6.40 a pack and I love a good bargain! 



The Wildflower Florist - We're spending a LOT more time in our homes right now, and creating a space that supports our mental health is more important than ever. A bunch of flowers here, a bunch of flowers there is just the ticket to adding a touch of happiness where needed. Anna, who owns the Wildflower in Wellington is incredibly passionate about her work and nothing leaves her shop that isn't 200% perfect (trust me, I've watched the process!) Anna was the only one I trusted to take the image I had in my head and make it a reality on my wedding day. And, they're delivering during level 3 which is a lifesaver with Mother's Day only 2 weeks away! 



Good For - NZ Small Business Good For - Baking has become an obsession in our house, to the point where my eight year old daughter and I have been binge-watching Sugar Rush for inspiration. The problem we had was that it was damn near impossible to get a bag of damn flour at the supermarket! Then I found Good For online and have been ordering all of our baking staples. Best part is (apart from actually being able to get flour of course) it arrives in completely plastic-free packaging. Woop! 



Because you're sick of cooking

 Little Spoon Life - NZ Small Business Little Spoon - Based on the reports I'm hearing of the massive lines at the Maccas drive-thru, I seem to be one of the only people that is not hanging out for junk-food takeaways. But I am hanging out for my Little Spoon Life dinner delivery on Friday night! Not having access to unhealthy takeaways has actually been a blessing for me - I haven't popped a jeans button for at least a month now! But I am so. over. cooking. So when I saw that Clare from Little Spoon Life was delivering her glorious meals during level three I was already salivating. Her food is just delicious and made with only the best ingredients. Clare is an experienced Chef so if you're wanting an at-home restaurant meal in Wellington, she's ya gal.  A few households in our street have gotten together and done one big order and split the delivery fee for Friday night so that Clare only needs to make one trip. 

Tip for when ordering food - the likes of Uber Eats adds a commission to each order which is often more than the profit margin in each order so the business actually loses money. For the sake of doing our part to help local businesses, we're choosing to pay the delivery fee where there is that option, and combine our order with others in our street to make life easier for the person doing the delivery. 


For your pets 

 Pet Essentials - NZ Small Business

Pet Essentials - Both my pets are avid food snobs, so unless it contains their freeze dried turkey and wild salmon, we end up with a revolt on our hands. So when our local Pet Essentials store, where we get their food announced that they were re-opening for contactless pick-up I couldn't get there fast enough. Luckily, them running low on food coincided with a vet appointment so I was able to kill two birds* in one essential trip.

*no birds were actually harmed during this trip. 





Hopefully you find some gems in this list to help get you through this next stage of our country fighting the spread of Covid-19, whilst also supporting NZ's small businesses. I also want to make mention of a couple of NZ's fave brands that we stock right here at French Kiss:

  Moana Rd - the brand behind NZ's fave sunnies! Also, the creator of the graphic used as the hero image in this blog. Shop the range here

Home-Lee - the Nelson-based clothing that label famous for bringing us those amazing Apartment Pants with the big X on the bum. Shop the range here


Stay safe in your bubbles everyone! 


XX Lauren 

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