Online shopping without the risk of expectation vs reality is finally here 🙌

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Posted on June 15 2018

Online shopping without the risk of expectation vs reality is finally here 🙌

We've all been there: you hit the confirm button on your order and eagerly await its arrival, only to find it just doesn't suit you like you thought it would 😫Then you're stuck with it because the store doesn't allow returns simply because you've changed your mind on the style. This is one of the risks of online shopping that doesn't happen when you shop in-store, but obviously it's not always possible to go into a store to get what you want.

At French Kiss Boutique, we want to make the online shopping experience as close to shopping in a physical store as possible, so we've done everything we can to remove the risk of disappointment. That's why we have a Live Chat "virtual shop assistant" to answer your questions when you're on our website. It's even a real person on the other end of the chat! 🙌

We ship as fast as possible so that you're not left in limbo - if you're super organised and get your order in before noon on a weekday, your order ships the same day (woot!) 🤘

To top it off, we offer free returns if you change your mind. Not just if it's the wrong size and you need to exchange it, not just in the unlikely event that it's faulty, but for any reason - like you you don't feel 100% the best version of you when you wear it. And what's more, we offer a full refund. What's the catch? There isn't one.

Check out our full returns policy here.

Happy shopping x

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